Comparison | Ford Ecosport Vs Renault Captur Vs Citroën C4 Cactus

I thought it useful  to do is a fair comparison between the Ford EcoSport, Renault Captur, and Citroën C4 Cactus. You know those types comparison right? The ones you get in proper glossy magazines with lots of pictures, bullet points, and facts. Sadly that’s not how this comparison will end up, mainly because as my research ability is limited to staring at a blank expel page, and wondering why the hell the Cactus in the picture is squinting.


All three cars are roughly the same size, with the Citroën C4 Cactus and Ford EcoSport featuring roof racks as extra loading space. the Renault Captur grabs the title as the best looking of the three.

Renault Captur
Renault Captur

The  Cactus has a neat party trick up its sleeve with a sculpted plastic bit running the whole length of the car, dubbed “Airbump” which is designed to resists parking lot incidents, such as bumps and those stubborn runaway trolleys that just so happens to reach speeds up to 4 km/h.

Citroën C4 Cactus
Citroën C4 Cactus

The Ford EcoSport however, although still attractive, looks a bit like a plus sized model forced to wear a size 0.               


Ford Ecosport
Ford Ecosport



Featuring airbags, a big steering wheel with loads of buttons and an infotainment system that seemingly needs an IT degree to operate, the EcoSport comes in lacking. Both the Renault Captur and Citroën C4 Cactus has satellite navigation as standard, while the Renault Captur one-ups the Citroën with a rear view parking camera.


Both the Renault Captur and Citroën C4 Cactus offers a very unique, and handy optional extra, namely removable seat covers. This makes keeping your car clean very simple and brilliantly effective.

Citroen c4 interior

In this department, the Renault Captur once again reigns supreme when it comes to design and attention to detail. The C4 Cactus, although innovative, and having the largest seats, is still equivalent to the EcoSport in most of it’s functions.

ecosport interior



Here the Ford EcoSport wins hands down with the base model punching out 82kW, with a standard non-turbo 4 cylinder engine. The C4 Cactus comes close with its 3 cylinder 1.2 turbo equivalent pushing 81kW with its top model, but the Captur manages to generate only 66kW.


This is where the Ford EcoSport drops out on the base model range, and frankly the C4 Cactus does not fall far behind. Both these cars will jump from an average base price of 220,000 to a whopping 280,000 to get a few extra features, that, let’s be honest offers little extra.

This is once again where the Renault Captur takes the win. The base model has most of the features as standard, expect when it comes to power.

All three vehicles has Hill start assist, something that helps lazy drivers get up a hill from standstill without rolling back. The C4 Cactus claims its sofa like seats as a selling point, but rumor has it the Captur is not far behind when it comes to comfort.

After holding for several minutes the agent came back with a reply that said it does indeed have a service plan as standard


The EcoSport also offers comfort as standard. The Renault Captur wins again, offering a 5 year / 150000km warranty, with 24 hr roadside assist, 3 year /45000 service plan and a 6 year corrosion plan. The Ford EcoSport is very close to the Renault Captur having a 4 year/120 000km warranty, and a 4 year / 60 000 service plan and also offer a 5 year corrosion warranty, and roadside assistance for 3 years.

Lastly the Citroën C4 Cactus offers the same in terms of roadside assist, but the standard warranty is only 3 year /100 000, but with a very impressive 12 year corrosion plan. I was unable to get information about a service plan on the website, so I called them to find out.

After holding for several minutes the agent came back with a reply that said it does indeed have a service plan as standard. A 5 year / 100 000 plan is on offer.


The ford EcoSport is the wiser choice, if you, like me, are a bit scared of the French, and it got the sales figures and dealerships to back up their claims – coming in at number 12 for the top reported sales in August 2015, selling a total of 1027 units.

However, the days of Renault being unreliable is a thing of the past, and with a proper warranty to back you up, this truly is a difficult decision. Coming in at number 33 with a total of 262 units for August 2015, places it second. I would still recommend going out and driving it though, as it just might surprise you.

And finally the C4 Cactus. It does not feature on the list of top 100 cars sold, and I will put it down to it being a newcomer. In all honesty I wanted it to fare better in this useless test. That does not mean it’s bad though, it has a lot going for it, and I would not exclude this car from your lists if you are looking to buy!

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