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It’s a man’s world. Ok, that might be a bit sexist, but it is a tough world for woman, especially when it comes to cars. 

With the general mechanic seeing dollar signs when a woman brings in for a check up or service, and mainstream media showering us male folk with pictures of half naked woman wearing heals long enough to be considered a murder weapons, the female car enthusiast has become something of an idea, an idolization if you will, leaving true car lovers of the fairer sex quite, well, quiet. 

I think there are a lot of ladies out there who, like me, and many of us, appreciate these automotive machines, but unlike us, they are to scared to come out and tell us what they want, or think about cars for that matter. Yes, there are a few out there who are proud, but generally speaking, how many ladies are prepared to step out and claim their rightful position in this industry. They know they will be ridiculed by those who do not consider them as car lovers.

The problem goes even deeper when car manufactures build cutesy car-like machines that are dreadful and downright boring. They make brightly painted cars,  pop them full of teenage models to snap pictures for marketing purposes,and sell it with a claim that it would “appeal” to the female market .

They take you and drift around three corners and do doughnuts etc. I LOVED IT!!!!
Now I am not a woman, and I have learned not to try and know how they work, or think, but this is bothersome to me, why are car manufactures littering the roads with cars that are barely worthy of it’s name, let alone the price you pay for it? 
Gabriella, an old friend of mine, has agreed to help me on this. And she is a perfect example. She is small in stature, weighs about as much as my Boerboel, and likes to be aggressive towards parking machines.

The conversation:

Me: As a lady, what is your general experience when it comes to you having to service your car?

Gabriella: Not good!!!! I think I get ripped off every time because they think I don’t know any better. Mechanics take women for rides!!! (excuse the pun)

Me: There are some car manufactures who wants to force little breadbox cars on women, what do you thing about that?

GabriellaWell for most women it would work. But there are the few exceptions like myself that won’t accept that. I enjoy cars and speed so a little 1400 car doesn’t make me happy.

Me: Do you believe everything a mechanic tells you?

Gabriella: NEVER!!!!!

Me: If money were not an issue what would you drive?

Gabriella: Aaaaah…… A Golf 6 GTI , An Audi R8 or a Chevrolet Camaro

Me: Which do you prefer, American muscle, cutesy cars like the Honda Brio, Classics, tuned, sleepers, or old school cars like the Mazda Mx5?


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Juan Loubser

I am an old fashioned 30 year balding, ham fisted egghead, with a love for mechanical engineering, Victorian era architecture. There was always something about cars, and up to this day I cannot put my finger on it, the easiest way to explain it would be to like it to something you just understand, you get it, you don’t know why or how, but it’s something you've understood all your life. With Torquesteer I have created a couple of Goals. One is to tour the little market town of Todmorden, England in a MG B roadster, and the Second is to do the US route 66 in true american muscle style. Driving a Tesla is also on the list.