Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport – The Gentleman’s Hot-Hatch


The Mercedes A250 Sport is really something special, I have now driven both this updated version as well as the previous version and I must honestly say quite a bit has changed.

Its key rivals come from its German cousins the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series and also the VW Golf. Throughout the last few years the A-Class actually managed introduce many new customers to the Mercedes brand who might have previously bought one of its rivals.

This 4th generation model has now been redesigned inside and out. The exterior looks more like the new CLS. The interior looks more like the New C and E-Classes that adds to a more “grown-up” premium look and feel.


A250 Front
A250 Sport – front View


Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport – Side View


A250 Sport – Rear Quarter


Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport – AMG Sport Alloys

As part of Mercedes’s new touch-control concept the A-Class now gets a centre console mounted touch-pad as well as the class leading touch control buttons on the steering wheel.

Enough about the looks now, the A250 Sport remains a true Premium Hot-Hatch, It performs well, handling had been tweaked and it now feels that it compares well to the mighty VW GTi thanks to a fully independent rear axle.


Mercedes-Benz A250 Sport – Interior

The wheelbase is now slightly longer than the previous model, and the wheel arches have grown to accommodate wheels that span from 16 to 19 inches in diameter.

The 2.0litre Turbo lump produces a healthy 160kW and 350Nm up 5kW on the previous model, and it claims to be quicker from 0-100km/h – now 6.4 seconds, furthermore it really works well with the 7G-DCT dual-clutch gearbox. Gear shifts are seamless and knows exactly just how to use the power available.

If you choose Sport mode, you definitely get the most out of the engine and gearbox. The transmission will hold gears to allow you to rev the motor between 3000-5500rpm as this is the sweet-spot were the A250 performs at its best. It will overrule you in manual mode by up-shifting automatically when you reach the red-line.

Hot Hatches is not really about practicality, but if you must know the interior space have grown slightly. The boot capacity has also increased to 370 litres from the previous model’s 340litres.

On the fuel economy front I managed to get a combined consumption figure of 8.7l/100km by driving like a granny.


The A250 performs well, is luxurious with a classy interior and great to drive. It might not exactly be as dynamic to drive as the BMW 1 Series but for the average Joe that would not make a difference.

The all new A-Class has been launched internationally recently, lets hope we get it on SA soon.

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