The Electric Motor Cycle – The future is here

The E-Bike. To many if us it may sounds like a new concept copied from cars, some think it began in the 60’s or 70’s.

I thought it was a new concept until I did some research on it, and boy how wrong I was.

Some History:

The E-Bike can trace back it patent origin all the way back to 1895, where a Patent was submitted for an electric Bicycle. The E-Bike also served a greater purpose during 2 world wars.

During the second world war the Electric motorcycle was an obvious choice due to the fuel rationing, making it an unsung legend. Sadly after the war it wasn’t heard from again.

Up until now… where the whole concept changes one’s mind and putting things into perspective where the e-car are actually the copy cat. (The first commercially available electric car was roughly born in 1928 [ed]  )


The Present

We think batteries and the charging of it, the maintenance of the battery etc, and the impractical weight it adds to the E-Bike, however during the years companies that manufacture E-Bikes has succeeded to perfect the plaguing battery problem.

In countries like India where the motorcycle is very popular, the government is actually working on a plan to  introduce incentives for the e-bike, however the problem they raised is that of an unstable power grid.


Looking at the modern E-Bike, the current range is up to 130 Kilometers before it has to be recharged, and only takes 2 hours to be fully charged. According to statistics regarding Electricity vs Petrol, it only takes R1 to fill up an E-Bike, so it’s cost effective in the short term. There are companies that do give life time guarantees on the batteries, claiming it would’t fail if basic maintenance is done on it, which sounds very exciting.

The bonus is you can plug it in at any plug (House 3 prong plug) to recharge it!

The negative point of the E-Bike is the price and some of the safety concerns that goes with it. A Decent top-of-the-range E-Bike you can expect to pay around R270 000 without the optional extra battery charger. For this price I can get a Suzuki GSX brand new from the floor.

It is a silent vehicle which means other drivers wont hear you coming when you pass or overtake them.

The range of 130 Kilometers makes it a commuter bike, so forget of taking it on a full run down to Durban or Capetown or Hartebees Poort Dam in the Northwest province.

ZEV Electric 10Kw scooter


In my opinion it’s a noble and good idea, especially if you want to save and if you can afford to have one. If you would ask me if I want one the answer would simply be YES. The E-Bike has a “legacy” which it can be proud of. It was designed to save you money, and also to save the planet.

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