Used Car: Hyundai iX35 – Looks aren’t everything. But here’s the ugly truth

When the iX35 was launched (replacing the Tucson) in the SA market back in 2010 it took the SUV market in SA by storm. All of a sudden it was cool to drive a Korean brand. Its brother the Kia Sportage followed soon after. The iX35 was visually more appealing than the Tucson and many buyers I feel bought the iX35 for its looks.

Prior to the ix35’s launch in 2010 the Tucson was Hyundai’s compact SUV, but honestly it was really ugly yet reliable.

The iX35 was the answer to Toyota’s RAV4 and started outselling the Japanese giant in the compact SUV segment here in SA.

The iX35 badge has since again been replaced by the Tucson badge. Hopefully they don’t change the name again.

The Elite model, as with the new Tucson, is the top of the range package. The Elite pack includes: Dual-zone climate control, Leather seats, heated front seats, Sun roof, PDC, multi-function steering wheel, Aux/USB to name a few.

Old Tucson
New Tucson

The engine lineup consisted of 2.0 & 2.4 litre petrol 4-cylinder models and also 1.7 and 2.0 litre diesel models.

My pick is definitely the 2.0CRDi Diesel Elite Auto, power delivery is great, the engine is reliable and is a strong performer. Another gem is the 2.0 petrol GLS Auto

Sadly as with the Santa Fe I reviewed previously, the interior finishes does not age well at all, the plastics and fake chrome scratches quite easily, this makes the vehicle look older than it is and might also look like the vehicle was not well looked after.

Other than the inferior finishes the iX35 is still a great SUV and an option to consider.

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