Porsche Macan S Diesel – Eye of the Tiger

Since the Macan’s introduction in 2014, the Macan has become a popular seller for Porsche world wide, giving buyers who don’t fancy a larger SUV like Porsche’s own Cayenne a more niche choice in this crowded market.

However keep in mind that it will cost more to buy than most rivals, but it will also be worth a lot more than those same rivals when the time comes to trade it in.

For those who don’t know Macan, means tiger in Indonesian, so lets see how does it live up to its name….

First Impressions:

Very cool looking midsize SUV, solid German built quality as you would expect. Oh and don’t forget the prestigious badge.


Very comfortable interior. Road-noise levels are very low.
I like the sporty look and feel as well. German built quality all the way!

Porsche Macan S Diesel – Interior
Porsche Macan S Diesel – Infotainment System
Porsche Macan S Diesel – Sunroof Option


Space inside is decent, with a big boot and room for five people. The Porsche also has an interior that looks nice and feels well built.


Sporty and compact look

Porsche Macan S Diesel – Front Quarter
Porsche Macan S Diesel – Rear Quarter
Porsche Macan S Diesel – Front LED light
Porsche Macan S Diesel – Rear LED light

Ride quality and Comfort:

The ride is superb and the handling outstanding, much like a 911 or Cayman than a SUV
The dual-clutch auto box is one of the best in its class.
For a Diesel it goes like a rocket!

Performance & Fuel consumption:

Around 7.2 litres per 100km’s


As standard, the car comes equipped with electronic stability control and airbags.
You can also choose to fit additional features, such as lane-keeping assistance (which gently keeps the car in lane) and a blind-spot warning system. Other useful equipment includes active cruise control (which can match the speed of the car in front) and a sign-recognition system that can display roadside information on the dashboard.


Pros: Lots of fun to drive; All models are fast
Cons: High running costs; Expensive price tag; Pricey optional extras

Furthermore the Macan is basically a Audi Q5 in a suite.

The Macan S Diesel is priced around R130K more expensive than the equivalent Audi Q5 and BMW X3.
Keep in mind the Audi and BMW has basically the same specs and quality.
You decide if it is worth the price tag.

My pick overall in this segment is the:

BMW X3 2.0d M-Sport

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