The new Nissan Micra has grown up

Nissan finally launched the much anticipated new Nissan Micra, and it’s not what you thought. Gone is the funny looking frog-like front end. It’s now replaced by a much more aggressive nose, in fact, the entire car looks more athletic, and dare I say, upmarket.

The newly designed, French built Nissan Micra now directly competes with it’s cousin, the Renault Clio, resulting in an entire segment leap, now competing with the likes of the Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Toyota Yaris, etc. It also comes in at more or less the same price as some of its competitors. The upside is this new Nissan Micra is specifically developed for the European market, so expect some quality and standards that can be found lacking in many of our Indian built cars.

The Exterior

Looks is a matter of opinion, but this new Nissan does tick a lot of boxes when it comes to appearances.

Nissan Micra

The Interior

Inside you can expect  soft touch plastics and modern fittings, using materials that gives the feel of a more expensive car. Lower seating position combined with a wider wheelbase gives more cabin space. It is said the Nissan Micra can accommodate people as tall as 2m comfortably.

Further attempts at creating the illusion of space is what Nissan calls the “glide wing” Dashboard, something I quite like. Further Technology according to Nissan South Africa is a full 7″ touch screen infotainment system that features Apple CarPlay, and a 4-speaker sound system (2-speakers in the Visia variant).

Nissan Micra acenta plus interior pack
Nissan Micra Acenta plus interior pack

More technology includes 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, Daytime running Lights, Vehicle dynamic control, Cruise control, and Start/Stop Tech.

Boot space is a modest 300l, and increases to a very respectable 1004l with the rear seats folded down. The surprising thing is this Nissan Micra does offer a full size spare wheel.

The Engine

Powered by a down tuned version of what is available in its cousin, the Renault Clio, the 0.9l 3 cylinder turbo mated to a 5 speed gearbox manages to get the job done. With 66kW and 140Nm torque, don’t expect lightning fast performance, but you can be assured that there is enough oomph to get you moving when it comes to traffic and city driving.

I expect a reasonable person to average about 5.0l/100km, and I expect this consumption to go down on long open road. Nissan claims an average mixed fuel consumption of 5.1l/100kms.

The Drive

A recent road test done in the UK described the Micra as “really good to drive.”. It offers plenty of grip and a direct, connected feel thanks to it’s direct steering. Unlike some of it’s rivals, the Micra soaks up bumps and irregularities quite well on the highway, giving a very pleasant overall driving experience.


There are 3 models to choose from, each with their own list of features. All of the models comes with the same engine setup, drive train and safety features. The Acenta plus does offer an even more unique interior too, over and above the standard trim.

  • Base Model, Nissan Micra Visia – R233,500
  • Mid level, Nissan Micra Acenta – R257,400
  • Top level, Nissan Micra Acenta plus – R272,400

It does seem that the new Nissan Micra will cause quite a stir considering what it offers for its price. You might even be able to get a very good deal considering all the specials going on now.

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