Suzuki Dzire – a compact sedan done right

The Suzuki Dzire will surprise you, more than you may think, especially when you consider the GL, which goes for well under R200,000. The Dzire is technically a replacement for the previous gen Swift Dzire, but Suzuki decided it will be good to designate this little compact sedan with it’s own name plaque, and now it is simply known as the Dzire.

What makes it different from any other budget car out there is a spec list that very few can offer, along with a very some very clean lines, a roadside assistance plan that includes towing, a battery and lock smith plan, and a “stand-by-you roadside security armed-response service.”


The new Dzire incorporates what Suzuki call HEARTECT, which is something that most likely will require an article all by its self, but in essence, is means a safer, lighter, more comfortable ride. This also allows the unique stubby shape of the Dzire. The bonnet has subtle smooth curves, very much like those found on some German high value vehicles. Nothing looks out of place, and strangely enough, the whole car does not give one hint of cheap, or built to a budget.


While the Suzuki Dzire GA (base version) offers almost the same as the GL, (top spec) the clock cluster and lack of rear vent make the interior ab bit dated. The GL however, gives an exiting clock cluster, once again similar to those in much pricier cars.


As mentioned above, the GL has something no other car in this segment has. Rear Vents. Passengers seated at the back can adjust their own little vents for optimum air flow. It gets better. There is a 12V outlet for them too. Meaning you don’t have to charge their phones for them!

All option features cloth seats, and the GL offers what you’d come to expect from a sound system. (Bluetooth, MP3 etc…)

Boot space gives you a decent 378l of storage space, that’s over and above that, the Dzire offers more storage space in the car itself, including rear seats pockets.

Other Tech

Duel front airbags, ABS, EBD, manual aircon, and remote control locks are standard on all vehicles, while Steering controls, fog lamps, front and rear electric windows, and a better radio is standard in the GL. A range of cosmetic extras are also on offer.


The Suzki Dzire is powered by the pokey 1.2l VVT naturally aspirated K series engine. (The same engine you would find in the Swift and Jimny) and it offers, at least on paper, a claimed fuel consumption of just 4.9l/100km. Expect real world figures to be closer to 5.5l/100km.

Power wise, the GL manual is able to run from 0-100 in 11.3s, thanks to a very light body. At GROSS WEIGHT the car clocks in at 1315kg. Power delivery is a humble 61kW@6000rpm, and 113Nm@4200rpm.

The auto version has the same figures, but expect 0-100 in 13.2 seconds

Models & Price

There are currently 3 models on offer, two 5 speed manual variants, and one “automatic”. While technically its not an automatic, it works the same way. Its something between a manual and a CVT. In short, it’s an automatic gearbox that works like a manual.

Suzuki Dzire GA (mt) R161, 900

Suzuki Dzire GL (mt) R177,900

Suzuki Dzire GL (auto) R191,900


I was truly surprised by what is on offer here, and my money will likely go towards the GL manual. This little Suzuki Dzire seems to check all the boxes, and even promises to offer some excitement, but that can only be confirmed once a proper road test is done.

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One thought on “Suzuki Dzire – a compact sedan done right

  • July 19, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Dare I say that is actually the nicest looking car for under R200 000. I must say, I think the sub R200 000 market has just become interesting again.


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